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  • We are specialists in all kinds of HOTPOINT appliances

  • No Call Out Charge

  • Our repairs are guaranteed 

Trusted Hotpoint Appliances Repair

Hotpoint Appliances Repair


We are known expert and specialist when it comes to the repair of your Hotpoint appliances. We give you viable advice and reasonable quote you won't get else where. No matter the problem, give us a call or book online now for next engineer.

For your Hotpoint:

  • Washing Machine Repair

  • Washer Dryer Repair

  • Dishwasher Repair

  • Tumble Dryer Repair

  • Fridge and Freezer Repair

  • Electric Oven Repair and

  • Electric Cooker Repair,

give us a call now! on 01689639117 or 02036911116 or click here to book online for the next available engineer. Your appliance might not need part for us to sort out, hence our not charging all inclusively for part and labour. We have a fixed labour charge and you buy part only if your appliance needs it. Once the affordable fixed labour is paid, this covers subsequent visits till your appliance is fixed for the problem complained. This sounds nice and useful most especially when we need to order your part. We use original parts from hotpoint for your repair and our labour charge is highly economical and affordale. Our repair with parts is 12 months guaranteed therefore, you do not need to worry.

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