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  • We are specialists in all kinds of appliances

  • No Call Out Charge

  • Our repairs are guaranteed 

REVIEWS /Frequently Asked Questions

We have great testimonies and customer reviews. You will definitely drop your testimony on our website when we work for you. Kindly drop your reviews here.  

Name: Krzystztof

Comment: Just to let you know that the engineer came twice few weeks back and the washing machine is now fixed and working normally. Very professional and pleasant service which I can only recommend for the future.

Name: Dereen
Comment: My washing machine is now sorted. Thanks to the team.

Name: Phillip
Comment: Just want to say I was really pleased with the service from your organisation. The man that visited was very professional and polite and I want to apologise for being on a conference call for the entire time that he was at my house.

Name: Jim
Comment: Just writing to you to say how pleased we are with the service provided by your company. The engineer turned up on time and did a great job repairing our washing machine. Not only did he complete a satisfactory repair but he also noticed 2 really bad water leaks which we were unaware of and he put this right for us. We were very impressed with the engineer, who was very polite and courteous, and will certainly use your service again when required and we will recommend you to friends and family.

Name: Richard
Comment: I was very impressed with the service rendered by the engineer who came to fix my fridge/freezer. Thumbs up to TAR!

Name: Dora
Comment: I must commend the engineer who came to repair my tumble dryer. He was so professional and polite.

Name: Charleen
Comment: Despite the past troubles with my much loved Viking American fridge-freezer, the engineer was able to sort out the problem and have it repaired.

Name: Stuart
Comment: Fantastic service received on my tumble dryer. Cost saving too, as I was not charged for the second visit.

Name: Doug
Comment: Affordable repairs. Can only recommend.

Name: Nora
Comment: Cheap does not mean incompetent. Even though the charges were cheap, a good service was still rendered.

Name: Susan
Comment: The service was not too bad, even though I had to wait for about a week for the part to be fitted because it was a “special order”.

Name: Sandeep
Comment: The engineer who came was very “matter-of-fact”. Didn’t really show a smile. He however fixed my dishwasher. I guess I can’t complain, can I?

Name: Alex
Comment: Affordable and efficient service.

Name: Geoff
Comment: The engineer was lovely. Really nice chap. I must commend him for the efforts and time he spent on my appliances.

Q1. Who is TAR The appliance repairs?

A1. We are specialists based in London and Croydon repairing domestic appliances of any kind and make at affordable prices.​

Q2. How much do you charge for repairs?

A2.  We charge £64.00 only for labour. Except for fridges and freezer or dishwasher. See our charges here

Q3. Where do you cover?

A3. We cover all London and Greater London areas, Croydon, Bromley, some other part of Kent and Surrey, most importantly within M25. Please call to find out or check your post code here​

Q4. Do you charge a call-out fee?

A4. No, we do not. We will only charge you for diagnosing the problem of the appliance as stated clearly in our charges. 

Q5. Does the charge include the cost of part?

A5. You pay for part separately and it is only if and when you need it.

Q6. What happens if my appliance is uneconomically viable to repair?

A6. We charge you only for diagnosing the problem.

Q7. Do you still charge me if I do not want to proceed with the repair after the engineer visits and I am given a cost estimate?

A7. Yes, we charge you for diagnosis only.

Q8. How much do you charge if I want the engineer to just come and make a diagnosis?
A8. We charge only £30.00 for diagnosis or if it is fridge, freezer or dishwasher, we charge you £40.00 for diagnosis

Q8a. How long do I have to decide to go ahead with the repair after your engineer has come to make a diagnosis?

A8a. We may allow 2 - 3  working days for you to make decision after which we will take calling us back as a new booking. You will need to discuss this with the engineer on site as the engineer might be carrying the part needed and this is the reason for carrying them about.

Q9. Do I have to make a deposit for parts?

A9. Despite our engineers carry parts with them, there are still some parts which are "special orders" which they don't carry. These parts need to be ordered and we don't force customers to deposit for parts. In rare cases we might advise customer to do so.

Q10. How can I pay?

A10. We accept all major debit cards, cash and bank transfer. Kindly let us know which of these options you would prefer.

Q11. Do you charge for subsequent visits if my appliance can’t be fixed in one visit?

A11. No, we don't. We charge once till your appliance is fixed of the initial complaint despite many visits.


Q12. Is your charge part inclusive?

A12. No, you need to pay for part if you need it.

Q13. Can I buy parts myself for my repair?

A13. Yes, you can buy parts yourself before you engage our services. You can also buy parts yourself only if we are unable to source for the parts after we visited. We will advise you when and if we can not source for the parts.

Q14. How much will I pay if I have the part already?

A14. We charge you our flat labour of £64.00 when the part is fitted.


Q14a. Do I pay for diagnosis even if I know the problem of my appliance?

A14a. Yes. This is because, We perform an intensive diagnosis and safety check on your appliance before and after fixing to ensure it works perfectly and safe to use. This supersedes just knowing the problem of your appliance. 


Q15. Is my repair guaranteed? 

A15. Yes. You have up to 12 months labour guarantee on repair with our part. You should as well make sure to discuss with the engineer on site about the guarantee for the part used for your repair as they do not come with same guarantee. Some are more while some are less.


Q16. What happens if it takes long for the part of my appliance to arrive?

A16. We always try our possible best by putting pressure on the part manufacturers for early parts arrival. Although, there are few situations beyond their and our control. We won't be responsible for any inconvenience during this period as long as it is beyond our control.


Q17. What if my appliance is not economically reasonable to repair?

A17. We don't charge you the full payment. You only pay for diagnosis in this case.

Q18. Do you have insurance policy in place to cover any mishap or accident that may occur during or after repair of my appliance?

A18, Yes, we do have Public Liability Insurance to cover major damage. Our engineers are trained to take as much care as possible while carrying out repair works at client’s addresses. Despite this, minimum or minor damage such as scratch, marks, tear etc  MAY occur in the course of repairing your appliance which in most cases, are beyond the engineer’s control. We will not be responsible for such minimum or minor damage to your property which occurs in the course of carrying out repair of your appliance at your address.


Q19.What if I have any complaints?

A19. You should write to for any complaints you may unlikely have and we hope to always resolve it.  We pride in customer satisfaction.

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